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Foundation: Trial Examinations


The formal disclaimer:
The questions and answers provided within these “Trial Examinations” are provided ‘as is’. No warranties are made as to their fitness for a particular purpose. The authors accept no responsibility for any incidental or consequential damage of any sort as a direct or indirect result of using these “Trial Examinations”.



We believe that the questions and answers presented within our test pages are representative of the questions and answers that you will get in your examination.

Our database has many questions taken from all sections of the syllabus.


The foundation licence exam has the following specified number of questions:
Sections 1 and 2 combined - 7 questions
Section 3 - 2 questions
Section 4 - 2 questions
Section 5 - 2 questions
Section 6 - 2 questions
Section 7 - 5 questions
Section 8 - Practical
Section 9 - 5 questions

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You can also view all questions that are in the database.

Any questions about our trial tests, please forward to our training and assessment coordinator.

Tests for the Standard and Advanced are available at:
Amateur Radio Victoria