Scout Radio Activities Group
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The Team

Some of the people who keep it all going


Dean Whitehorn Dean Whitehorn

Dean has been a member of the Association for over 40 years and has been awarded with Life Membership.

He has been through the ranks at 1st Largs and spent 10 years as Scoutmaster. In 1992 the two hobbies of Amateur Radio and Scouting came together when he joined the Radio Activities Group under Peter Koen.
The untimely death of Peter made way for Dean to take on the role of PC and the team has grown and is still growing.
As VK5ZDW, Dean has a keen interest in Communications for Major events in Scouting with a team of fellow amateurs and helpers. 

In 2006 Dean stepped down from the Branch Commissioners role to focus on work.


 John Richardson


John first joined the movement on 1990 as a scout and has been a member ever since.

He joined Scout Radio in 2000 and has assisted with many activities over the years including JOTA,Youth team Challenge, Murray Darling Rescue, Easter Venture, and branch Scout Hike.

In 2011 John stepped into the BC role when Sam moved to Western Australia for work

Keith and Jeanne Gooley Keith and Jeanne Gooley

Obtained a Limited Amateur Radio Licence in 1964 and an Unrestricted Licence in 1971. Currently hold the callsign VK5OQ.
Graduated from Adelaide University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Engineering, employed as an electronic engineer at DSTO, Defence Department for 18 years - retired in 2006. Enjoys delving into the repair of radios.
Married to Jeanne with two children who are in Rovers.

Obtained a Limited Amateur Radio Licence in 1999 and an Unrestricted Licence in 2000. Currently hold the callsign VK5JQ.
Graduated from Murdoch University, Perth in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in Population and Environment.
Treasurer of the One Tree Hill Scout Group since 1992. Married to Keith with two children who are in Rovers.


Mike Turner Mike Turner

Has held an amateur radio licence since 1975.
Enjoys assisting SRAG to provide radio communications for a variety of Scouting activities.
Spent many years as a leader with Port Noarlunga Sea Scouts, and still assists the Sea Scout Water Activities Group in running sailing camps.
A lecturer in electrical engineering, retired in 2001.


Rob Stubbs Rob Stubbs

Became interested in CB in 1980 and attended a WIA Novice Radio Course to obtain an understanding of radio.

Obtained a Ristricted Operators Certificate of Proficiency in Marine Radio Dec 1991.
Obtained a Novice Limited (VK5HRS) July 02.

Not a technical person, more of an operator but able to understand radio talk. I am the radio officer for Coast Guard Radio in SA with over 20 bases and more than 6 repeaters.

A Scout leader for over 45 years.


Sam Adcock

Hooked from a JOTA station when a venturer Sam has had his licence since 1997, starting as VK5ZLP and then upgrading to VK5KSA just after his 21st birthday.

Involvement in Scouts - started as a Cub at 8yrs of age and continuing through Scouts, Venturers (was a founding member of Seaview Downs, later known as "Grey" Venturers), Rovers (also a founding member of GRovers), a Cub Leader at the reopening of the Glenelg Scout Group in 1997, and ended up here!

Sam's input to SRAG includes technical backing for major event communications, and maintenance of the Groups' website (so direct any complaints in his direction!).
Sam's radio interests include: event communications and design; contesting to a smaller degree; HF operation to a smaller degree; but in all, events associated around the Radio Activities Team.

Branch Commissioner - Radio Activities late 2006.