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Our Sponsors

Sponsors and Supporters

This page outlines the companies that have given and continue to give their support to the Scout Radio Activities Team either by donation of products or facilities. Select the companies' logo to view their website.

On Going Support


Equipment Donations

Private Donations

On Going Support

Tetracom are a leading radio communications supplier in South Australia, their support includes discounted hire or equipment for events in which the team participates.
While Tetracom private channels are used at most Scout Events, they have supplied equipment at discount and donated accessories and infrastructure for the following events:
Youth Team Challenge 2002
Murray River Rescue 2002
Youth Team Challenge 2003
Murray Darling Rescue 2003
20th Australian Jamboree 2004
SA Rovers' NONT 2004
Glenelg & Woodhouse JOTA Stations 2004

In addition to discounted prices, Tetracom donated the entire use of its rental portables, mobiles and even a repeater for the 2003 Easter Venture. This equipment was well received and is greatly appreciated.

Tetracom was recognised as a pioneer level sponsor of the 20th Australian Jamboree, their support ensured a vital duty of care role with radio communications equipment.

Most recently, March 2005, Tetracom donated a power generator for use with the pump up mast. This allows us (and anyone hiring the mast) to be totally self sufficient. This donation is greatly appreciated and will not go un-recognised.

Vertel SA are a part owned subsidiary of Tetracom and provide repeater site and access for events as required.


Equipment Donations

optus image
Recently we have acquired a trailer mounted, pneumatic pump up antenna mast. This item was donated by Optus in 2002. This has been very useful as it is easy to erect and it's height fully extended (although not reached by SRAG yet) is 100ft (30m). A very big thankyou to Optus.

Private Donations

We can not forget the people who donate their personal equipment to us in the name of goodwill and Scouting.