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C Cubed

A radio treasure hunt

Celebrating the Centenary of Scouting

By: Gerard Rankin VK5ZQV

2007 marks one hundred years since Baden Powell opened the first Scout camp at Brownsea Island on August 1st 1907. On 24th February 2007, to celebrate this Centenary of Scouting, SRAG, the Scout Radio Activities Group, provided communications and ran the 'Air Waves' activity at the C Cubed event.

The C Cubed (Cybertrek Centenary Celebration) event is one of a number of events scheduled around the World throughout this year to celebrate the achievements of 100 years of Scouting and to launch Scouting into its second century. The event consisted of teams made up of Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, Rovers, Leaders, parents and helpers undertaking chosen missions. As teams accomplished missions through Cybertime and space, a team’s “Message Wand” was charged with a “Power Message” – different coloured streamers representing different messages about Scouting to be carried out into the future. Missions included “Escape from the Ice Age”, “Tardis Time Travel”, “Galactic Challenge”, “Cosmic Colours”, “Climb the Launch Tower”, “Air Waves”, “Connect4 to the Extreme”, “Ice Cubed”, “Miniature Universe” and “Warped Time”.

SRAG’s involvement in the C Cubed Event introduced more then 150 Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers from all over South Australia to radio communications and, through the “Air Wave's” activity provided opportunities for some hands on operation of radios by the team participates. The accompanying photograph provides some idea of our setup on the day showing our mobile communications operations centre, mast and marquee. The marquee provided a display of radios, a repeater and a computer displaying APRS tracks on a map.

We had many enquiries about the JOTA event later in the year, from prospective Foundation Licence candidates and, a lot of interest in our displays of our radio equipment and other systems, including the APRS which was running live at the event. (Readers will recall that the WIA Grant Scheme provided some support for this project last year.) Many WIA “Calling CQ” brochures were handed out to interested individuals and were well received. Overall it was a great day with lots of positive feedback and has definitely further raised the collective profile of SRAG, the WIA and Amateur Radio. Many thanks to the WIA for its support.

Part of the setup on the day

SRAG setup picture