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Amateur Radio

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What is Amateur Radio?
Amateur Radio is a hobby based on radio communications technology. To participate, you need a licence issued by the government.
An Amateur Radio station is operated for the purposes of self-training, communications and experimentation.
Most countries have have an amateur radio service.


Is Amateur Radio like CB Radio?

CB permits business activities; Amateur Radio does not.
There are two CB bands of 40 channels each.. Amateurs have access to dozens of bands, each with hundreds, (or thousands) of effective channels. Amateurs are allowed to use much more powerful transmitters and construct (or modify) their equipment.

What can one do with Amateur Radio?

Play with high tech gizmo "stuff"

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Whatever interests you, (as long as you stay within the licensing conditions). Some people like to pursue awards; others like to contact overseas stations, or experiment with television, or digital transmissions. Hidden transmitter hunts (foxhunts) are popular. Amateur satellites are available. Others bounce signals off the moon or meteor trails.


How does one become an Amateur Operator?

Obtain a licence by passing a multi choice theory paper and a short practical assessment. Have a browse of our Foundation License course.

Information on becoming an Amateur Radio Operator can be obtained from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) website. Amateur Licence Information Paper.

We conduct training courses (usually over a weekend) for the Foundation License.
Our ACMA approved assessors are available to conduct assessments for any level of license.