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Who we are


Dean VK5ZDW presenting a Scouting award to John VK5BL

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The Scout and Guide Radio Activities Groups are mainly made from Amateurs within the ranks of Scouting and Guiding.
These two teams have been promoting Amateur Radio for a number of years in many different forms. We pride ourselves on our achievements, however we are very aware that we could not achieve our goals , particularly with JOTA without the continual help of the Amateur Radio Fraternity. See who the team members are, on the contacts page.

Activities and Services

There are a number of Scouting activities that the Radio Activities Group participate in, and for various reasons. One of them is to provide logistical communications at large events.
These events are excellent for the promotion of Amateur radio to the youth of today.

The major event each year as you may be aware of is JOTA, Jamboree on the Air. This event has been going for over 40 years. Browse on over to the JOTA page for information, and some ideas on what to do...

The Scout Caravan

Through out this web site you will continuously hear about "The Scout Caravan". This is one our most important assets, it will travel North and South, pretty much every where we go. How did we get it? It was donated by Adelaide Brighton Cement to the Scout Association about 10 years ago for promotions. After it sat at Woodhouse for a number of years and only being used occasionally by us and a few others, we decided to call it our own.
It is set up for a radio communications hub, with heating and cooling (for cold mornings at EV), a small kitchen, and plenty of desk space for Radios, computers and other organisational stuff. The walls are excellent for pinning maps to.
The Caravan is not only seen at Radio exercises but we also loan it to the Royal Show for the Scout Display, Sandblast for the Rovers.

Amateur Radio Operators

AR badge

Those of you who are licensed Amateur Radio Operators and are members of the Scout Association, are privileged to wear a specific AR badge. If you do not have one please advise your JOTA Coordinator who would be delighted to present you with one. We currently have over 20 Scouting members who are also Amateur Radio Operators!

You do not need to be an Amateur Radio Operator to join the Radio Activities Group, all we need is your enthusiasm. Call Sam and ask him for some more information about how you can have fun by being a member of the team.



Recognition is given to those Amateur's who put their time and effort into helping out with JOTA. Over 160 Amateurs throughout the state have been given a special certificate for their services over the past 7 years, but 7 have been presented with the Scouting "Thanks Badge" for over 20 years involvement with JOTA. We are the only state to have this scheme , which we believe helps build the relationship between you and the Amateurs.


The Scout Radio Activities Group has the call sign VK5BP.
Our main shack is the JOTA shack, adjacent to the bunk house at the Woodhouse Scout Site, near Piccadilly in the Adelaide Hills.
We are also an affiliate of the Wireless Institute of Australia.