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Easter Venture

The Event

Easter Venture (E.V.) is a major South Australian Branch activity for Venturer Scouts.

Easter Venture Team


The aim of Easter Venture is to enjoy a four-day break, hiking with friends in a competitive environment. Each year a different theme is applied, and participants are expected to hike dressed appropriate to the theme.

Points are awarded for both hiking skill, and theme awareness. Along the hike, there will be special activities staged where more points can be obtained if you complete the activity.

At night all Venturers stay at a camp, where more activities will be provided. Again, camping skills will be awarded points, which will count towards the overall score.

Participants compete for an overall E.V. perpetual trophy. This trophy will go to the team who completes the most hiking checkpoints, complies with the theme in spirit and execution, completes activities along the way and can demonstrate good camping skills.

Hike and Theme are the basis for this event, and points gained here are given a greater weight. Hike checkpoints (gold, silver, and bronze) are graded, and the most difficult (gold) have a higher point value. There are also trophies for Best Theme, Most Activity Points, Highest Camping Standard, and Best Hike team.

SRAG Participation

Event groups such as Administration, Venturer Camps, Activities etc. use UHF radios via our repeater system.

Depending on the location, one or both repeaters will be used.

SRAG personnel typically use HF and VHF amateur radios and work direct between each other and to the command centre, or to the command centre via a VHF/UHF.

SRAG provides a 24 hour service from the start to the end of EV.
Night time we just listen for an emergency call.
Someone has a radio next to the bed smiley

We maintain a database (excel spreadsheet) which stores the login and logout times of each Venturer team as they arrive and leave activities and camps.
To enable the accurate recording of times, a Sragian is located at each activity and camp during the times that the activity and/or camp is open for the arrival and departure of Venturer teams. The Sragian will relay the times at regular intervals to the SRAG Base