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For information about Amateur Radio, have a read of our article "What is Amateur Radio?"

There are three licence levels in Australia. While the Advanced Licence will allow operation on all frequencies allocated to Amateur Radio using the maximum allowable transmit power, the Foundation and Standard Licences restrict the allowable frequencies and power output.
The WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia) provides an overview of the differences:
Foundation, Standard, Advanced.

We provide training for the Foundation Licence and examinations for all three levels of licence using our nationally trained and recognised assessors.

Although we talk about "Licence Examinations", in actual fact there are no such things as "Licence Examinations" in Australia Smiley
The Amateur Licence may be obtained by persons holding the Amateur Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency (AOCP). So the examination actually gets you an AOCP for one of the three available: AOCP(F), AOCP(S), AOCP(A). Once you have obtained an AOCP you can then apply for a Licence.
The Foundation Amateur Licence is considered to be the entry level for Amateur radio in Australia. The syllabus and related examination for the AOCP(F) correspondingly reflects the minimum level of knowledge, skills and experience required to safely assemble a Foundation Amateur station and to operate it safely without interference to other users and services.


The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has several pages available about Amateur Radio.
This is a good start..

Amateur Licence Information Paper


Follow the links: 1: Information > 2: Training > 3: Examination > 4: Obtaining your Licence