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Obtain your Licence


The result of your examination will be given to you by the assessor once your paper has been marked - usually within a few minutes of the completion of the examination, depending on the number of papers there is to mark.
Assuming you are successful, you can immediately apply for an Operators Certificate of Proficiency “AOCP(F)” which is issued for free.
You can download an AOCP application form from the WIA Documents website, or wait until your examination when a form will be provided for you.

Your application for an AOCP must be accompanied by a passport-sized photograph of yourself signed across the front in permanent ink, in a place which does not obscure your image.
Your examination results document will be retained by WIA.


To obtain your Amateur Radio Licence you need to submit an “Application for Apparatus Licence”, this is part of the AOCP form.

Speed up the Licence Application process

We will send your application form for the AOCP(F) and Apparatus Licence to the WIA when we send them your results. The WIA will then forward the completed ACMA Application for an apparatus licence and payment.
The WIA will complete the ACMA Application form to show the certificate of proficiency number. Be patient, it could take a week or two.

The alternative is to wait until you receive your AOCP(F) from the WIA and then apply to the ACMA for an Apparatus Licence.

What Callsign?

All callsigns consist of two parts, the first part will depend where you live. VK5 = South Australia, VK3 = Victoria etc.
As may know, all Foundation callsigns have four letters starting with “F”. So all South Australian Foundation callsigns will follow the format: VK5F???
You can, if you wish, ask for a specific callsign when you submit your Apparatus Licence application.
To see if the callsign you would like is available, select one of the links below. A new browser window will open.
You are of course looking for all those that are “Foundation” which will appear at the end of the list.