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Foundation: Training

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Currently, training is only provided for the Foundation Licence.

Most of the information below is contained in the: Foundation Class Notification Document

Information about:

  1. When the training is held :
    Training will be conducted, as per the calendar.
    Additional dates will be arranged if necessary. Contact us.
  2. Starting times and venue of exams:
    As per the calendar.
  3. Training and Examination Application:
    Initially, please use our online form. Fees will eventually need to be sent to:
    Scout Radio Activities Group
    2 Hillside Avenue
    Glen Osmond
    SA 5064
  4. Confirmation to Candidates:
    Candidates will be advised of confirmation of training date, time and venue during the week prior to the start of the training. Please ensure a day time contact is included in your application.
  5. Proof of Identity of Candidates:
    Proof of identity must be brought to the examination venue. Passport, Drivers Licence, Employment Card, or Student Card.
  6. Fees are available on the "Examination" page.
  7. Refund policy :
    No refund will be made for non-attendance.
  8. Training and Examination Resources:
    Candidates are expected to bring a pen, pencil, ruler and calculator.
    Candidates will need a copy of the Foundation Licence Training Manual at least one week prior to the start of the course.
    Manuals are available from the training course and assessment coordinator.

    Recommended is a copy of the Amateur Licence Conditions Determination (LCD). These conditions include the type of communications permitted, with whom the operator is permitted to communicate, callsign usage and relevant transmission parameters. Actually, this should be a 'must have' document.
    You can download a copy of the "AMCA LCD" from the WIA Documents website.
    Also recommended is:
    A copy of "Practical Assessment - Form 4" also available from the WIA Documents website.This document is the practical assessment check sheet which will be used for your practical assessment.
    A copy of the "Foundation Licence Syllabus" (what you can be tested on) can be found on the WIA website.


Remember: Any questions or concerns you may have - contact us.

Follow the links: 1: Information > 2: Training > 3: Examination > 4: Obtaining your Licence